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Tall Dating, Tall Singles, Tall Men, Tall Women, Tall. Three women with huge feet tell why bigger is not always. 6'6" girl; size FIFTEEN feet (presumably Men's - The.

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We're making a show about your stories. Posted by 3 hours ago. I want to see your attention! Posted by 18 hours ago. Posted by 1 hour ago. Posted by 8 hours ago. Posted by 2 hours ago. Created Jul 31, That's my justification for owning ten pairs of nude pumps and four identical pairs of strappy, Strictly-style sandals.

Six foot Liz says her feet are the bane of her life. She was a size 9 by the time she was Even her life-long best friend teases me about my 'canoes'. Thankfully, she is 6ft, so they don't look out of proportion.

One of the most upsetting experiences I've had was in a sports shop where I went to buy a pair of trainers six years ago. I headed for the women's section and when I asked the assistant if he had a pair in my size, he laughed. They sent me a voucher to appease me. When I was younger reactions like this massively impacted on my confidence. People tend to be very dismissive and look at you pityingly when you ask, then they'll offer you a size 8.

I always wonder why they do this. Would they offer a size 18 lady something in a size 10? Liz admits than when she was younger negative reactions to her feel massively impacted on my confidence. My seven-year-old daughter is probably going to have big feet, too - she's a size 2, which is bigger than the average for her height.

I've finally realised there's nothing I can do to change the size of my feet. I can even - just - laugh when I can't fit my 'canoes' into a pedicure spa at the beauty salon. I refuse to apologise for them.

Jo Murray, 34, from Lytham, near Blackpool, is an account manager for a food brand and is married with a four-year-old son. Most women choose their wedding dress because of the way it flatters their figure. I chose mine on the basis of how effectively it hid my feet. I'd spent months trying to find dainty cream or champagne-coloured bridal slippers, but couldn't fit my feet in any of them. I first realised my feet were different when I made my Holy Communion at the age of seven.

The other girls had children's size 12 or 13 feet, while mine were an adult size 3. I was unable to wear the pretty white Clarks T-bar shoes with a key in the sole that all of the other girls wore.

I'm 6ft 5in, and the first thing people notice is my height. Mum is 6ft but she takes just a size 5, and dad is a size It's never been easy. Take a recent holiday to Sicily. I stupidly only took a pair of trainers and a pair of boots. The new trainers I had with me rubbed my feet and caused blisters. I couldn't wear them, but neither could I find another pair in my size on the island. Little wonder people looked at me strangely. Jo chose her wedding dress with one criterion in mind - would it hide her large feet?

At home I am much better organised with 'just in case' alternative footwear. My husband does get cross with me, though, especially when he sees my emergency three pairs of footwear - that's trainers, black ballet pumps and boots - taking up room on the back seat of our car. I just know I'm not ever going to be able to buy a pair of emergency shoes when we're out. I have 20 pairs of shoes and live in ballet pumps.

More often than not it is a case of buying what fits rather than what I'd like to wear. It's expensive having large feet. Alecia right , who works in marketing, lives in East Sussex with her husband and five children.

I ordered heels for my hen night from Hong Kong, but they came with a Velcro strap. They kept coming undone so I had to spend the evening in bare feet.

The smallest size on the High Street is 3, so Alecia buys online from China as they have smaller feet. My feet are narrow, too, and I slip out of shoes. My wedding shoes were a size 2 and I had to use sole inserts. All of my family has small feet - mum is a 5, dad is an 8. My eldest daughter is 12 and has the same size shoe as me.

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We're making a show about your stories. Posted by 3 hours ago. Source want big feet dating site see your attention! Posted site de rencontre alcoolique 18 hours ago. Posted by 1 hour ago. Posted by 8 hours ago. [EXTENDANCHOR] by 2 [EXTENDANCHOR] ago.

Created Jul 31, [EXTENDANCHOR] or direct reddit uploads only. This web page is a female foot fetish subreddit.

6'6" girl; size FIFTEEN feet (presumably Men's) - The MousePad

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. If you agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site. Or Learn more Continue. Switch to Print View - 18 posts 1 2 Next. In one of her posts http: Size 15 men's is literally over a foot long If she actually wears a size 15 men's, that would make her feet bigger than everyone else's, save Liz Cambage, Ekaterina Gamova, Tall Kat, and Caroline Welz.

This girl is HOT though. Such a rarity to find a girlthat tall, that attractive, and with feet that gargantuan. Forgive the double-post; was an accident first time posting on this forum. Great find thank you. Without a ruler or a comparison with another person's feet, it becomes a little more challenging to determine how big someone's foot is because there's no point of reference.

However, looking at the distance between the heel and the first joint of the big-toe is usually a pretty good indicator how big someone's feet are. Look at this girl's left foot, because to me, it looks kike it just goes on forever. I just can't get over how long this girl's feet are; they'd absolutely dwarf most girls' and even guys' feet. Well, thanks for the find, but I'm sorry to disappoint you, my friend, because her feet are nothing near that size.

That's a fake profile like the website deviantart. The girl depicted there is Haley Schneider, she is and she wears "only" a size 11 women's she told me on fb some years ago: For stats, the feet in the fourth picture are a size 7,5 women's, and they are completely dwarfed like those of a tiny little child. Dont believe everything you see on the internet kids. A few things I feel are worth mentioning: It's hard to say that Rachel Raab's feet look "a lot bigger", simply because there's really no reference points for Haley's feet.

However, I can see that since Haley's feet are so long and slender, they create an illusion of being bigger than they are.

If you've asked her on Facebook before, then I believe you. That's kinda crazy she'd answer that though. I feel like most girls would get creeped-out unless they're advertising them, like Rahel Raab essentially does on Instagram.

At a legit 6'5", Haley is still going to dwarf essentially every girl, and the vast majority of guys. I've been aware of Rachel Raab's feet long before she made an Instagram account and got popular on this website.

Whenever Holly Hurt and Chayse Kennedy were battling for the "world's longest legs" title I believe on Facebook , I remember seeing Rachel Raab comment; basically saying how she had them both beat in height, leg length, and shoe size. Rachel's feet are scary big; I still have a hard time fathoming how a girl's feet can grow to such monstrous proportions her toes are literally longer than a lot of girls' fingers. If you notice, I've never seen her in heels either. Finding a size 15 men's stiletto is probably analogous to finding a unicorn.

Her social-media posts are kinda strange though. I've only seen one pic of her soles, but it wasn't HD, zoomed-in, etc. I found Haley a lot more attractive than Rachel; so I guess when I thought she had size 15s, I didn't even bother approaching it with any skepticism.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sorry my friend, I thought you had already seen all the other photos of Haley Schneider. Let's put it like this: Look at the following pictures with Haley and notice how her feet look on her body frame: As you can clearly see, keeping in mind that the two girls are very similar in body size and Rachel is even a bit taller , Haley's feet are not even close the monster size of Rachel's. And in fact there are at least shoe sizes of difference between the the two girls.

Also, you can figure it out by comparing the difference between Haley's feet and average one's: Haley's feet are big in comparison. Btw, here's the capture with Haley telling she wears a size 11 women's: Some years ago I asked many basketball and volleyball players about their height and shoe sizes, telling them I was just collecting these data for a statistic research. And since I was warm and polite with the girls, without storming them with continuous messages and with no reference at all to fetish things or foot pictures but only stats of height and shoe size, most of them replied very kindly and without being freaked out at all.

That helped me to collect a huge database of shoe sizes of big-footed basketball and volleyball players plus some swimmers too. So I cannot remember well, but the first one I believe it was from a modelmayhem page she had in the past. Read more posts 8 remaining. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.